ButtKicker Gamer2 ButtKicker LFE Kit
Price: $149.95
Price: $699.95
ButtKicker Gamer2 ButtKicker LFE Kit
For PC & Console Gaming and Digital Music - attaches to most center post chairs; Includes Gamer, Gamer Amplifier and all wiring. Everything necessary to easily connect and power a ButtKicker LFE to a home theater system.
ButtKicker Gamer2 Playseat Edition Drum Throne Rig
List Price: $179.95
Price: $179.95
Price: $669.85
ButtKicker Gamer2 Playseat Special Edition Drum Throne Rig
The ButtKicker Gamer brings all types of games to life, including sim racing and flight sims. Feel the power of an engine, gear shifts and even crashes. Includes the Playseat Special Edition Upgrade Kit to simplify attachment to Playseat and similar style race seats Heavy duty monitoring for drummers and seated players.
ButtKicker Simulation Kit (BK-SK) ButtKicker® Wireless Home Theater Kit: Includes ButtKicker® Advance and Power Amplifier BKA300
Price:  $199.95
Price: $379.95
Sale Price: $299.99
ButtKicker Simulation Kit Wireless ButtKicker kit BKA300
The ButtKicker Simulation Kit delivers stunning realism, immersion and impact to all types of simulators. Turn down the volume and crank-up the feeling by turning your home theater into a ButtKicker® powered home theater!