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ButtKicker mini LFE 4ohm ButtKicker LFE Transducer ButtKicker Advance BK4-4 Transducer
ButtKicker mini LFE
Price: $109.95
ButtKicker LFE
Price: $299.95
Smaller "mini" version of ButtKicker LFE for single seat and smaller applications - 4 ohm "Low Frequency Effects" ButtKicker version for Home Theater use - 4 ohm Mid-sized ButtKicker transducer for Home Theater, Musicians and Gaming. Also comes with the wireless ButtKicker kit BK-Kit-4.
ButtKicker CONCERT
Price: $319.95
For Musician, DJ and Monitoring use - 2 ohm Smaller "mini" version of the ButtKicker CONCERT - for single seat and smaller applications - 2 ohm.